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Urban and rural development planning is fundamental for sustainable social and economic growth.

Not only does it drive positive change, but it’s also the framework that helps leaders implement their vision and mission.

Development planning is considered the framework which public, private and business development budgets are driven and guided by. This framework enables urban and rural expansion to occur in an orderly, responsible manner.

Furthermore, successful urban and rural planning lays the foundation for continuity through political cycles often resulting in an increase investment.

At Umsebe Development Planners we offer a diversity of services under the development planning umbrella.

These include:

Township Establishment & Formalization

Township establishment is the conversion of land into residential, commercial or industrial properties.

This time-consuming, intensive process requires the involvement of numerous specialists and professionals including township and urban development planners. Time is money and therefore it’s imperative for developers to work with a professional team of township planners that offer a diverse set of services.


Rezoning is the process of amending town planning scheme conditions pertaining to a particular property.

This occurs when the classification assigned for the use of land is amended for it to be used for another purpose. A good example is rezoning a piece of land which is zoned for residential use into one with business rights.

Subdivisions & Consolidation of Land

Subdivision of land means exactly what it sounds like – the division of a single portion of land into several smaller ones. Consolidation, on the other hand, is the exact opposite.

It is used to improve rural infrastructure and to implement developmental and environmental policies improving environmental sustainability and agriculture.

One-Stop Development Planning Services 

Being a one-stop development planning services organisation, Umsebe Development Planners also offers the following. 

Social Surveys

Integrated Development Plans (IDP)

Township Establishment Applications

Registration of Servitudes

Community Liaison

Land Use Management Systems (LUMS)

Rectification of Transgressions

Rezoning Application

Asset registers

Precinct Plans

Spatial Development Framework (SDF)

Site Acquisitioning of Telecommunication Masts

Special Consents Application

The formulation of other planning related policies

Formalization of Informal Settlements

Removal of Restrictive Tile Deed Conditions

Subdivisions & Consolidations

Township layout & design

Our Clients

Since our founding in 1986, Umsebe Development Planners has become a trusted and the preferred urban and development planning consulting firm for many public and private organisations. Below is a list of some clients we have worked with and testimonials.

Umsebe Development Planners have played an integral role in our land manufacturing processes and we have relied on their town planning expertise for the past 20 years. We value their high levels of professionalism and efficient service and look forward to continuing this long-standing relationship

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HL Hall and Sons Properties

Umsebe Development Planners have always delivered a professional service, quality product and above average turnaround times. They have successfully met our expectations and we recommend them for any for any town planning services which might be required

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We have been using the services of Umsebe Development Planners for over 20 years. We have at all times found them to be very professional and give excellent advice on rezoning applications in terms of Town Planning Schemes, as well as the regular follow up on actual applications and efficient follow through

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Kellaprince Property Group

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